Welcome to EngageIT Variable Data

A new, variable data software suite – exclusively from Konica Minolta!

EngageIT Variable Data is a new software suite from Konica Minolta designed for variable data and personalized printing applications. The current product line includes EngageIT VDP, which is a powerful variable data application that works directly with the Adobe InDesign application. The software is available in two versions, EngageIT VDP Desktop and EngageIT VDP Pro. Please take a look at the Products page for details on both of these versions.

EngageIT VDP Software

If you purchased a license for EngageIT VDP, or if you have requested an Evaluation copy, you will receive an Order Code for the software. The Order Code is used to enable the licensing, and to activate any optional modules that you may have purchased as well. In addition, the Order Code is used to provide access to the EngageIT VDP Video Training web site, which is FREE for the first 90 days for all licensed copies of the software. Please see the Training page for more details.

EngageIT VDP Documentation

Please click here to request a copy of the EngageIT VDP Documentation. The documentation includes all of the EngageIT VDP tutorial files, as well as supplemental documentation for print drivers and optional modules.

EngageIT VDP Training

Several training package options are available for EngageIT VDP, including a set of downloadable self-train tutorials, as well as FREE access to the EngageIT VDP Video Training web site. For a complete list of all training options, please click here.


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